Fashion News Spring/Summer 2021

The latest issue of CHT Fashion News reveals the on-trend colours for the coming spring and summer season and already inspires you with the freshness and harmony of the different shades today!

Within the new theme worlds we show you the corresponding PANTONE® colour reference for each selected colour tone as well as the recipe formulation for your individual implementation with the Bezema Colour Solutions dye and pigment ranges.

As fresh and genuine as a summer bouquet of flowers, with colours that seem to be from another dimension – all this is featured in the first colour palette. The subtly romantic red and cool blue shades work together to create an equally retro and modern effect, radiating energy and joie de vivre.

Delicate and cooling pastel shades are essential for the hot season. In the second theme world, these are skilfully enriched with vibrant green and blue, creating a light, invigorating effect which is reminiscent of the heady scent of the first spring blossoms.

We encounter the colour green in spring and summer in all its facets – monochrome green shades complemented with natural brown tones create apparent contrasts and at the same time a vibrant harmony. This colour combination is symbolic of growth - the predominant force of nature.

The CHT dyestuff team supports you at any time with information and detailed application advice.


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Bezema Colour SolutionsFASHION NEWS Frühjahr/Sommer 2021FASHION NEWS Spring/Summer 2021Brochure03.06.2020
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