Fashion News Autumn/Winter 2021/22

The latest issue of CHT Fashion News reveals the on-trend colours for the coming autumn and winter season for your inspiration!

Within the new theme worlds we show you the corresponding PANTONE® colour reference for each selected colour tone as well as the recipe formulation for your individual implementation with the Bezema Colour Solutions dye and pigment ranges.

In our first theme world we transport you to another galaxy. The light blue tones appear cool and distant, but are grounded by strong, darker shades of blue which bring them back to Earth. This exciting mix of colours looks both futuristic and familiar at the same time.

Why not redefine something classic? Stylish, timeless and yet contemporary – the second colour palette is all this and much more. Brown shades are given a trendy look by adding cooler taupe and grey tones, creating a refreshing new interpretation of the traditional autumn colours without any loss of elegance.

Contrary and yet harmonious, activating and beguiling – the third theme world is a very special one and unites what is supposedly contradictory in an exciting way. Intense colours, geometric shapes and abstract structures create an exciting play of forces without clashing.


The CHT dyestuff team supports you at any time with information and detailed application advice.


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