iSys-ID System

CHT iSys-ID System

Original or Fake? – Easy to identify by CHT iSys-ID System

Annually textile companies around the world are suffering from losses in multibillion amount caused by fakes and copies. Today there are numerous of methods and measures for product protection available. However these methods are partially difficult to track or are even themselves not prevented from copies.

Based on the invisible product identification newly developed by CHT R. Beitlich GmbH, fakes and copies can easily be exposed by a single scan. The complete system is offered under the brand CHT iSys-ID and consits of an invisible product identification that can be applied by all usual application methods. The product identification will be designed with an individual fingerprint for each company. The system offers an inexhaustible number of codes and different security levels.
Due to the electronic detector which is belonging to the system, it is very easy for you and your customers to differentiate your original from any fake.

The advantages of the system are obvious; it is not only supporting you to secure and to identify your product by a very simple process. The product identification by itself is also not forgettable. This way you protect yourself and your customers against unfair claims.
Equip your customers with a detector this way reception inspection and authentication will become very easy and combinable.

The CHT iSys-ID System protects your goods and the image of your company strongly and with added value.

Really interested? Our experts would like to introduce our system individually to you and reflect together with you how you could use it for your goods efficiently.