Functional added value for Jeans and Garments

Antimicrobial finish on Denim and Garments

By taking the right measures in everyday life, each individual can protect himself and his environment from microbial influences.

In addition to general hygiene measures such as hand washing and distance control, our clothing is becoming increasingly important as a potential transmission medium for bacteria and microorganisms.

The CHT Group offers several product systems which prevent your favourite jeans from contributing to the transmission of pathogens.

Special equipment ensures that harmful bacteria and micro-organisms which reach our clothing and can survive there for a long time are immediately rendered harmless. This significantly reduces the risk of transmission.


CHT product systems for Jeans & Garments offer different distinct advantages

HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 by CHT

Protective agent against the effects of microorganisms: Proven effects against various microbial influences


Long-lasting bacteriostatic finish: Permanent freshness and hygiene effects


Combination of water repellency and bacteriostatic treatment to prevent unpleasant odours: Longer lifespan due to less washing


Information about the application processes of the products on Denim and other garments can be found in the technical brochures.
Please contact us if you have any questions or need technical support. We are happy to help.



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