"Soft Repair" for your textiles

It’s a long process from the cotton fibre to the final textile. The many processing steps in treatment like washing, bleaching or dyeing are very stressful for the fibre and a majority of the good natural wax properties of the cotton get lost. This decreases the natural protective function and the fibre softness.

It is the task of a finish to restore the pleasant soft fabric handle and to ensure a trouble-free further processing.

TUBINGAL ACE acts as a balm for your textiles and makes the fibres smooth and supple again. Thus, not only is an excellent softness achieved, but also the lost properties of the cotton fibre are largely regained.

Owing to the hydrophilic properties of TUBINGAL ACE, the cotton retains its natural moisture management which makes cotton so comfortable to wear.

The effect of TUBINGAL ACE can be measured – ask us about this!

Aside from its distinct softness and smoothness, TUBINGAL ACE stands out for its high process reliability in all standard finishing processes.

TUBINGAL ACE can be applied on all textiles like T-shirts, shirts, terry cloth articles made of cellulose fibres and their mixtures – no matter if coloured or white.

TUBINGAL ACE – Balm for your textiles!