Hydrophilic agent for synthetic fibres

Synthetic fibres conquer the world

For many years, synthetic fibres have increased in usage in many textile fields because of their positive properties.

One feature of textiles made of polyester fibres is their limited wear comfort because these fibres hardly absorb moisture. To improve this effect either the fibre itself can be modified or a suitable hydrophilic agent such as ARRISTAN AIR can be used. This way, the hydrophobic fibre properties of polyester can be converted into hydrophilic properties.

Property profile of ARRISTAN AIR

  • synthetic fibres (particularly polyester) are given very good hydrophilic properties
  • soilings can be removed more easily from the laundry (soil-release effect)
  • antistatic properties are improved
  • smooth, flowing handle
  • no impact on the whiteness degree
  • effects are highly stable to washing processes

Application fields of ARRISTAN AIR

  • clothings such as functional underwear or functional sportswear
  • home textiles such as tablecloths or curtains
  • pre-fabricated articles such as socks or hosiery
  • technical textiles such as filter media or nonwovens


ARRISTAN AIR on functional textiles

Functional textiles made of synthetic fibres are used everywhere, whether for hiking, jogging, cycling or skiing.

For a good thermoregulation of the human body a functional textile ought to efficiently absorb moisture produced during active movement and transport it to the outside as quickly as possible. This way, the skin feels drier and coldness caused by moist clothing is avoided.

A finishing produced with ARRISTAN AIR guarantees a good moisture transport and quick drying, two core properties for the "Moisture Management" of modern functional textiles.