organIQ | The environmentally friendly finishing concept for jeans

Everyone wears them, both young and old, in business, at formal events or in leisure time. The heavy duty worker's trousers of the 19th century has become a fashionable trendsetter. There are many different possibilities to treat this blue fabric. However, denim finishing has been coming under increasing criticism for years with regard to the environmental impact of the processes and chemicals in use.

Being a responsible-minded company, the CHT Group has developed an innovative range of products named organIQ which is being marketed throughout the world. All organIQ products are free from the heavy metal compounds and chlorine that are commonly used today, but still enable economical and modern denim finishing.

Approximately 5 million jeans are produced every day and are chemically treated to the so-called "used look". By using potassium permanganate about 5 tons of this "water poison" enter the wastewater and, like chlorine, have a lasting effect on human and animal health and the environment.

The CHT Group, a global supplier of specialty chemicals, has been focussing for a long time on the development of sustainable chemical solutions and innovations for trendsetting processes in the entire textile industry. The organIQ products are a special development for the “denim washing” sector.

In 2015, the organIQ BLEACH system was introduced as the first potassium manganate-free bleaching agent. With this patented bleaching system, the desired "used look" can be produced in an environmentally friendly way and without having to use persistent components such as heavy metals. In order to further optimise its usability the system has been furtherly developed, so that it can also be used in modern fogging machines.

Combining the bleaching system with the new organIQ BIOPOWER product makes the conventional use of enzymes, stones and even chlorine unnecessary. In addition, the application of the products in the fine spray mist can considerably reduce water consumption.

The product range is currently completed by organIQ NEUTRAL, a neutralising agent for productions that still need the application of potassium permanganate and chlorine. 
The use of organIQ NEUTRAL neutralises these environmentally harmful bleaching agents in an ecological way without additionally contaminating the waste water with toxic substances.



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