Active prevention of water pollution with intelligent bleaching processes on jeans

At present, stylish bleaching effects on jeans are worldwide mainly produced with the chemical substance potassium permanganate, one of the so-called 'water-toxic' chemicals which are not biodegradable. Therefore, waters all over the world are polluted every day with a great load of toxic wastewaters from jeans productions. For many years, industries as well as environmental authorities have claimed to prevent this pollution.

Developers at the CHT Group have meanwhile been able to develop an innovative and practical product which will prevent this environmental load in the future. Under the name organIQ we market as of now our new bleaching agent which is free from potassium permanganate. The product is completely based on organic acids and it is free from heavy metals and chlorides. We have applied for a patent for this new product.

With organIQ we have developed an innovative bleaching agent which allows a nearly perfect combination of process safety with efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The product is biodegradable and shows no persistence – the application of organIQ in your jeans finishing allows an active prevention of water pollution.

Imports and exports of organIQ can be managed in an easy and simple way – another net advantage over the use of potassium permanganate as bleaching agent.