POLYAVIN NBL | Textile finishing product based on bio-based bee wax

POLYAVIN NBL is based on bee wax and is suitable for use as lubricant, as softener and as processing aid for textile finishing. It should be highlighted that POLYAVIN NBL has similar good performance compared to common waxes that are used as tear strength enhancer, as sewability improver to avoid sewing damages during garment stitching and as raising, napping as well as brushing aid.

By switching in these applications to natural sources we “set screws” for changing the mind set from using fossil-based feedstocks to a more bioeconomy led chemistry.

More and more the topic “sustainable and biodegradable textile finishing” is required as consumers are looking nowadays much more into details, how the textiles are finished and produced.

Therefore, POLYAVIN NBL fits to the new design of textiles with an excellent biocarbon content. POLYAVIN NBL is compliant with the main global textile standards, including a C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ at Silver Level and approved for skin compatibility test. (more on C2C by CHT)

Special properties:

  • Based on natural bee wax
  • Excellent improvement of the sewing behaviour
  • Perfect processing aid for raising, napping and brushing
  • Outstanding tear strength enhancer
  • Biodegradable acc. OECD 302 B:
    100% elimination and 70% mineralisation
  • Suitable for padding, foam and spray application





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