UVAPOL RAY | UV absorber for excellent light fastness, colour intensity and brilliance

The versatile UV protection UVAPOL RAY for polyester prevents premature colour fading caused by sun or UV radiation and enhances the quality of fashion textiles, outdoor textiles or especially textiles in the automotive environment.

The powerful UV absorber UVAPOL RAY produces outstanding light fastness and maintains colour intensity and brilliance on almost all textiles.

UVAPOL RAY can be used in polyester dyeing processes in all conventional dyeing apparatus and machines in the exhaust process and pad thermosol. The innovative auxiliary has very good stability in the dye bath and can be used in both acid and alkaline dyeing processes for PES. The application rate in the exhaust process is 1.0 - 3.0 %.

UVAPOL RAY is the optimal UV protection to maintain colour brilliance, extends the life cycle of textiles and makes them shine like new much longer.





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