BEMACID | BEMAPLEX - Acid and metal complex dyes for polyamide and wool

The BEMACID and BEMAPLEX product range of CHT offers a vast dye selection for many different system solutions for polyamide and wool fibres. Its extensive range of dyes enables the selection of trichromaticity that optimally covers the specific requirements, thus promoting economic processes and ensuring utmost product qualities.


BEMACID – for multifaceted results

Our BEMACID dyes are acid dyes for dyeing polyamide and wool for application in neutral to slightly acid pH ranges. They stand out by their versatile and economic application and fulfil highest requirements in the BASIC and ADVANCED range. They have been divided into the groups E, N and F according to their dyeing properties and fastnesses.

For example, BEMACID E dyes are often applied for the discontinuous dyeing of PA and WO carpets as well as stockings. The dyes have excellent migration properties and thus mask kinetic streakiness very well.

N dyes stand out for their high neutral absorption and build-up capacity, their good combinability, the good wet fastness level and masking of kinetic streakiness as well as their quick fixation in saturated steam.

Elements of group F have high wet fastnesses, high brilliance and are especially suited for dyeing deep, brilliant shades. The BEMACID F dyes are preferably applied as single element or as shading dyestuff. These properties as well as their good solubility make them the ideal printing dye for classic printing techniques like rotary printing or screen printing.


BEMAPLEX – for highest demands

The metal complex dyes of the BEMAPLEX range belong to the group of acid dyes and were assigned according to their sulpho group numbers: Group N (without), M (with one), D (with two): The higher the sulpho group number, the higher the solubility and the wet fastness of the dye molecules, the build-up capacity decreases, the pH dependency of the bath exhaustion and its interplay with anionic auxiliaries increase.

BEMAPLEX N dyes are especially recommended for articles containing elastane and for PA microfibers.

The BEMAPLEX M-T trichromaticity stands for a highly reproducible trichromaticity in a very broad application field. BEMAPLEX D dyes are preferably applied as individual dyes for very dark shades.


The BEMACID I BEMAPLEX range is your reliable and multifaceted partner for dyeing articles made of polyamide and wool.


Dye selection for digital spray printing

Carpet printing requires highest light fastnesses and a quick, complete and level fixation under saturated steam conditions.

The following special and technically improved BEMACID | BEMAPLEX dyes ensure safe application on digital spray printing units:

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