BeSo®FREE – water-based screen printing

What does being free mean to you? Maybe to let your creativity run free and design what you want without making compromises? 

We have therefore developed the best solution for water-based screen printing: BeSoFREE. Be free in the creation of your print designs with all kinds of effects, brilliant colors and soft touch. Be free from plastics, solvents or other pollutants. 

This water-based solution gives you all the freedom in design without compromising on environmental friendliness or performance.

Performance of BeSoFREE

  • Complete range of the best water-based products for screen printing
  • Different product bases for all demands available:
    • for a nice, soft grip
    • for highly elastic garments
    • for highest ecological demands like C2C (ecoprint by CHT), GOTS or bluesign®
  • High process and product performance
  • Ready to use
  • Works on different garments, e.g. T-shirts, outerwear jackets, swimwear
  • Digital recipe service:  CHT COLORFINDER
  • Measured by:
    • fastness level
    • CF to washing
    • CF to rubbing (dry/wet)
    • CF to saliva
    • CF to perspiration

The effect can be achieved with these product ranges:



Selected BeSoFREE products

BeSoFREE can also be realized with other CHT products. Please contact us.

Special Sustainability Aspects

  • PRINTPERFEKT Hybrid: product range combines screen printing and digital printing, which saves time and resources in screen making for low quantity orders
  • PRINTPERFEKT S2S: wet-on-wet system saves energy because there is a reduced need of flash cures



BeSoFREE – just one of our smart effects with character.