Garment Protect Range

Smart auxiliaries for quality, wearing comfort and longevity

During the manufacturing of a garment, it is very important to protect the textile from potential hazards at various stages of the process. With the Garment Protect Range, CHT offers various products that protect the textiles in industrial laundry and dyeing processes and thus have a positive influence on the quality of the garment.

Such a protection is not only useful during manufacturing, but of course also in the subsequent life cycle from the sales process to daily use by the customer. In these stages, a preceding treatment with CHT smart chemistry auxiliaries can create a decisive added value.

The Garment Protect Range has some clever solutions ready for this, which offer the consumer wearing comfort with additional benefits and contribute to a longer lifetime of the textile.



Protects the textiles during manufacturing

  • Protection against stains caused by zipper or buttons in bleaching or dyeing processes
  • Protection from fibre damage during bleaching process
  • Protection against uneven dyes
  • Antibackstaining
  • Elasthan protection for Denim articles
  • Fibre protection in resin applications
  • Local protection from undesired staining or bleaching e.g. for fashion effects


Protects the wearer and the garments at all stages of garment life cycle

  • Water and soil repellency
  • Antibacterial finishing
  • Rubbingfastness improvement of dark Denim qualities
  • Prevention of indigo yellowing caused by harmful gases on Denim


Products and further information can be found in the Garment Protect Range brochure. 



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