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Giving jeans the fashionable used look without polluting the environment was previously considered a major challenge.

The CHT Group stands for sustainable chemical solutions, innovations for future-oriented processes and smart products.

We are also a trendsetter for the cult classic jeans:
With our ecological and economical organIQ product range we have developed an intelligent finishing system for denim and non-denim that is based on organic acids and does without heavy metals and chlorine.

Make sure you stay ahead with the organIQ product family

The patented organIQ BLEACH system creates sustainably impressive used effects and is the first purely organic and completely biodegradable bleaching agent for denim. Its application makes additional neutralisation unnecessary and, if used properly, the waste water is not contaminated with toxic substances. organIQ BLEACH saves time, water and energy and is the suitable substitute for KMnO4 in the spray application. It stands out for its easy application and very good reproducible results in spray bleaching. With our selected reactive or direct dyes the process can also be applied to non-denims.

For the first time, organIQ NEUTRAL offers an ecological alternative to conventional bleaching processes with KMnO4, chlorine or ozone for an environmentally friendly neutralisation process. It can already be used at low temperatures and can be easily combined with further process steps. Of course this product does not contain any persistent components and is not a waste water load.

The combination of the first potassium permanganate-free bleaching agent with organIQ BIOPOWER makes the use of enzymes, potassium permanganate and stones superfluous. Even very fluffy goods become absolutely smooth and get a precious character.

organIQ even substitutes pumice stones and chlorine

Developed for the complete ecological substitution of potassium permanganate, the CHT Group offers a revolutionary application in the jeans laundry: Together with two of the recognised suppliers of machinery and technology for the jeans industry, Tonello Srl (Italy) and Jeanologia (Spain), the application of organIQ, now also by fog application with lowest amounts of water and product, was developed for an even more economic and ecological treatment method for jeans. What is the result? Probably the most revolutionary way to finish jeans.

With organIQ the CHT Group offers a permanently growing range of sustainable solutions on an organic base to you. You can look forward to our next product innovations.

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Patented bleaching system for denim - organic and completely biodegradable

pH buffer for a maximum efficiency of organIQ BLEACH T in the fog and spray application

Ecological marking dye for organIQ BLEACH T in the spray application

Special cellulase to be used in fogging systems which in combination with organIQ BLEACH T replaces the use of pumice stones and chlorine

Ecological alternative for neutralising potassium permanganate and chlorine bleaching lye

The organIQ product family - the latest ecological and economical state-of-the-art denim finishing

  • highly effective at the highest ecological level
  • 100 % biodegradable and without persisting components
  • free from heavy metals, chlorine and AOX
  • substitutes pumice stones, potassium permanganate and chlorine bleaches and their neutralisation
  • no necessity of a where-used list according to valid legal requirements
  • lowest water consumption
  • slightest water pollution
  • all treatments at room temperature

organIQ EMS Jeans | Beyond all limits

Our new Ecological Modular System for Jeans.
One system no limits.

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