BEZATHREN – Efficient and intelligent dyeing


BEZATHREN is the vast range of dyes with unique fastnesses to light, wetness and chlorine on all cellulosic fibres.

Highest demands

Nowadays, textiles must show a better performance than ever before. They are to fulfil increasingly challenging functions and withstand high stress. Permanently vivid colours are expected despite intensive external impacts.

Particularly for outdoor and leisure use functional clothing must withstand intensive light exposure and simultaneously have high fastnesses to weather and perspiration.

Natural impacts are however not the only challenge for textiles. Workwear and hospital clothing must e.g. permanently withstand aggressive industrial washing processes or cleaning processes with chlorine. In spite of this extreme stress textiles must be durable and show a reliable property profile and look.


Efficient colours

In recent years the demands made on vat dyeing have thus strongly increased. The CHT Group therefore offers a vast range of efficient vat dyes for cellulose dyeings with a maximum general fastness level.

Do you think that high quality can only be offered at a high price? Not necessarily because with many BEZATHREN dyes savings can even be achieved in certain colour ranges, mainly through shorter process times, lower water consumption and the omission of expensive post-treatments. Thanks to these factors BEZATHREN dyes become an interesting alternative.

The products additionally cover a wide colour range. BEZATHREN products which are available as microdispersed powdery and liquid dyes can be optimally applied both in exhaust and continuous dyeing processes.


Networked knowledge leads to unconventional solutions

With our know-how and years of experience we developed process optimisations which help you achieve maximum results. We offer sophisticated processes, customer-orientated solutions and expert know-how to avoid dyeing faults.

For highest perfection and safety in your vat dyeing processes with BEZATHREN dyes we offer our specifically developed calculation programme WellVAT 3.0 with useful expert know-how and metrics to determine individual mixing ratios – for automated and safe processes.


Versatile application fields

BEZATHREN dyes comprise an efficient range for vat dyeings on cotton and polyester blends in exhaust and continuous processes as e.g. for

  • sports and outdoor articles
  • workwear
  • surgical and hospital laundry
  • hospital clothes
  • military articles
  • furnishing articles and home textiles

Optimise the BEZATHREN dyeing process with the following auxiliaries: