First class anionic polyamide fixing agent

Excellent and brilliant shades on polyamide turn out particularly well with the new aftertreatment agent PAFIX No1.
This product rounds off the existing CHT-REWIN aftertreatment range of anionic fixing agents and sets new benchmarks.

PAFIX No1 is an innovative premium aftertreatment agent and stands out for its unique properties and high environmental compatibility. The all-round fixing agent is highly suited for standard shades as well as for brilliant PA dyeings with fluorescent dyes such as BEMACID Luminous Red E-B (rhodamine type) and BEMACID Luminous Yellow E-B (flavine type).

PAFIX No1 guarantees an outstanding and lasting balance between good fastness level and high fluorescence.
PAFIX No1 is particularly suited for sportswear and functional wear that is often washed.


PAFIX No1 stands out by the following properties

Environmental compatibility

  • Phenol-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Fulfils ZDHC MRSL requirements
  • bluesign APPROVED

Maximum process safety

  • Acid stability and high stability to shear forces
  • Can be dosed on all dosing systems
  • Suitable for exhaust and continuous procedures (PA ribbon dyeing)
  • Outstanding fastness level: Improves the fastnesses to washing, perspiration, water and seawater
  • No impact on the light fastness
  • No impact on the fabric handle
  • Resist agent for WO/PA
  • Hardly no impact on the shade or yellowing, thus perfect for pastel shades and brilliant colours



CHT offers a very powerful product range for finishing polyamide.
Aside from outstanding textile auxiliaries (e.g. SARABID IPM, SARABID IPD, SARABID IPF, MEROPAN EF 200, MEROPAN LS, MEROPAN KP) we have also a large selection of acid and metal complex dyes (BEMACID/BEMAPLEX).


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Textile Auxiliary SolutionsPAFIX No1PAFIX No1Brochure11.09.2017
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsVeredeln von PolyamidFinishing of PolyamideBrochure12.04.2017
Bezema Colour SolutionsBEMACIDBEMACIDShade card04.10.2023
Bezema Colour SolutionsBEMAPLEXBEMAPLEXShade card26.07.2023