Natural cleanliness


Take advantage of nature’s washing power for deep cleaning and freshness of your laundry. Our newly developed detergent BEICLEAN NATURAL is based on surfactants made of 100 % renewable raw materials.

This ecological detergent offers:

  • Outstanding washing results
  • A sustainable process due to renewable raw materials
  • Optimal combination with other CHT products (washing and finishing)
  • Ecological compatibility
  • The products are suited for all types of laundries such as hotel laundry, hospital laundry, working clothes, restaurant textiles as well as feathers and down.

BEICLEAN NATURAL imparts shiny results and at the same time supports the preservation of nature also for the generations to come: A plus for active environmental protection.


Particularly in combination with the stated products, BEICLEAN NATURAL ensures a renewable and ecologically favourable wash process.

  • BEIPHOB zeroF 1: Fluorine-free hydrophobic treatment
  • BEIPUR ANP: Alkali donor
  • BEIPLEX BCA: Dispersing agent and detergency booster
  • BEISOFT BTN: Universal softener
  • BEIACID WSG: Highly effective neutralisation agent
  • BEIAPPRET LIQUID: Starch dispersion based on wheat starch


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Textile Care SolutionsNatürliche Reinheit mit BEICLEAN NATURALNatural cleanliness with BEICLEAN NATURALBrochure20.01.2015