Fixing agent for revolutionary rubbing fastness properties

Dark textiles on light coloured fabrics? Have your customers been sweating in the past? Then REVOFIX WET brings a revolutionary effect: REVOFIX WET distinctly improves the dry rubbing fastness and especially the wet rubbing fastness on CEL and synthetic fibres. And all this together with an excellent environmental compatibility.

REVOFIX WET reduces the colour abrasion from dyed cellulose fibres, synthetics and their blends. The innovative fixing agent of the CHT Group increases the wet rubbing fastness of dyeings nearly by up to two grades. This not only increases the fabric quality, but also the coolness of your customers.

The fastnesses to light, washing and contact of the treated textiles are not impaired and the shade intensification is tolerable. The handle of the fabric is hardly impaired by the application of REVOFIX WET.

REVOFIX WET forms a film around the fibre preventing thus the colour abrasion and at the same time reduces the fibre abrasion. This results in a perfect interplay of elasticity, adhesion and formation of a gliding film.


REVOFIX WET can be applied for the aftertreatment of dyeings and prints and is universally applicable

  • Fixing agent for dyeing cellulose fibres, synthetic fibres and their blends
  • Wet rubbing fastness increases by up to 2 grades!
  • For reactive, vat, sulphur, dispersion dyes and pigments
  • Applicable by exhaust and continuous procedures

The environmental compatibility of REVOFIX WET is self-speaking. The product fulfils the demands of Oeko-Tex® and ZDHC MRSL and is also bluesign® approved.





Recommendations for use

The product is applied with the exhaust process from a fresh bath after dyeing. Work at a liquor ratio of 1:10 with 3.0 - 5.0 % REVOFIX WET. The optimal pH value is between 5.0 and 5.5. The process is carried out for 20 minutes at 40 °C.

In the padding process we recommend a liquor pick-up of 60 - 100 % at an application amount of 30 - 60 g/l REVOFIX WET and a pH value of 5.0 - 5.5.

For utmost dyeing processes we recommend the addition of the following products:

REWIN ACP increases the washing and wet fastness properties on dyeings with reactive and direct dyes on natural and regenerated cellulose fibres. REWIN ACP meets the highest fastness demands presently made on a cationic aftertreatment agent.

BEIZYM SPELL to avoid fibre abrasion. Cellulase mixture for biofinish on CO and CV with magical spectrum. With lint dispersing and hydrophilic effect.

COTOBLANC PCS removes non-fixed reactive dyes from cellulose substrates. The product has the feature to hold back the hydrolysate in the bath and to prevent its reabsorption. A special property of COTOBLANC PCS is its efficiency also in the presence of electrolytes such as residual salt and alkali.

ARRISTAN 71 is a high-grade softener for an excellent handle. The following properties stand out for ARRISTAN 71:
- very soft, flowing handle with distinct surface slip
- outstanding resistance to yellowing and therefore particularly suited for ultra-white articles
- improves the resilience of knitwear
- improves the sewability and thus further processing of textiles


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