Silicone Adhesives – strong and versatile

Silicone adhesives are chosen for their ability to remain flexible across a very wide range of temperatures and operating conditions and their resistance to moisture and many chemicals. Therefore, they are used especially for applications in very extreme conditions and harsh environments.

CHT’s silicone adhesives will bond, seal and protect in traditional glazing applications, the manufacture of equipment and components used in aerospace, aviation and automotive together with other demanding industrial applications.

CHT formulates silicone adhesives using different cure mechanisms, each producing its own unique cure profile and special physical properties in the adhesive.

We manufacture both 1 and 2-part materials using Acetoxy, Alkoxy, Acetone, Oxime and Addition (heat) cure systems. Our laboratory technicians will ensure that we match the best high-performance adhesive for your individual specifications and application.

RTV Silicone Adhesives

RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) silicone adhesives cure at room temperature to form a flexible yet strong bond to most substrates, including, glass, plastics, metals, ceramics and wood.
Different cure mechanisms will produce by-products such as acetic acid, alcohol and acetone.


Heat Cured Silicone Adhesives

Heat cured 1-part silicone adhesives cure in minutes, reducing production time and improving output.
The use of platinum catalysts does not generate undesirable by-products that could damage components. This makes them perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications including electronics.

Thermally Conductive Adhesives

The CHT SILCOTHERM® range includes thermally conductive silicone adhesives for use in electronics (e.g. E-Mobility) and other industrial applications where heat dissipation is a requirement.


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