First-class Silicones for use in Transportation

Mobility and Transportation touch on all our lives. When we get into our cars, catch a bus or train, even fly across to the other side of the world, we have come to expect a high level of safety, reliability and comfort.

Silicones play an important role in helping manufacturers live up to customer expectations. The CHT Group has long been a silicone supplier and partner for the transportation industry and works closely with designers. As a silicone supplier but also as a development partner to develop new silicone elastomers for future technologies.

Sustainable means of transport are one of the central challenges in mobility today and in the future. The CHT Group supports the entire supply chain in transport with sustainable silicone materials. We offer silicone specialities for a variety of applications, be it for classic means of transport or for other electronically driven means of transport, such as e-bikes or e-scooters, which have now become part of everyday life.

You can rely on the comprehensive range of CHT silicones. And whatever you need, we either modify specifications in a current product or custom formulate a new one to meet your exact requirements for any transportation applications. 


Silicones for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Progress in the design of electric and hybrid vehicles is leading to a permanent reduction in the size of components while at the same time increasing power output. The protection of electronic components, especially through optimized heat dissipation, is becoming increasingly important to ensure high performance and long service life.

New filler technologies combined with formulating techniques enable CHT to increase thermal conductivity across a range of silicone materials including, adhesives, gap fillers, encapsulants, greases and gels.


Silicones for Automotive

The number and complexity of electronic applications in the automotive sector is constantly increasing. Their long-term performance and reliability pose great challenges for automotive developers and designers. Silicone elastomers from CHT offer such sensitive electronics protection and can also have a performance-enhancing effect.

Aftermarket car care is another key application area for the use of silicones. For instance, as a raw material in the production of car cleaning materials.
They provide high gloss, long lasting finishes and water repellence in polishes and dressings and shampoos and are used as additives to many types of cleaners and fabric treatments.
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Silicones for Aerospace & Aviation

Driven by safety and reliability the silicones used for aerospace and aviation applications must meet the very highest standards. CHT produce the Silcoset® range of silicones, which have decades of proven performance and are approved by many of the Aerospace & Aviation industry’s leading OEM’s. In this environment CHT permanently develops, tests and certifies new products which are used within the latest developments and next generation technologies.


Silicones for Rail

Mass transit rail systems are subject to harsh environmental conditions and stress caused by the interaction with large numbers of people every day. Silicones offer protection and resilience in many components from delicate electronics found within the trains and signalling equipment down to the carriage seating.

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