TUBINGAL PURE | Soft handle agent and more

We expand the horizon

Follow us on the new ways of textile finishing technology: TUBINGAL PURE is a softener based on an innovative polyurethane which opens up versatile application possibilities.

In the field of textile finishing agents there are the most different product groups with which requirements can be exactly met.

With TUBINGAL PURE we offer you a product that gives the textile a soft and flowing,"silicone-like" handle even without the basic chemistry for softeners such as fatty acid condensates, waxes or polysiloxanes. TUBINGAL PURE can be used as an additive in various fields of application such as easy care, flame retardant finishing, soil release and soil repellent finishing without having to make any compromises.

Various requirements on textile environmental standards like bluesign®, GOTS, ZDHC or STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® can be easily met with the new softener TUBINGAL PURE. In addition the skin compatibility was tested.

Due to its unique profile of characteristics TUBINGAL PURE offers an endless number of application possibilities for clothing, work wear and protective clothing and home textiles as well as technical textiles and nonwovens.

Which infinite possibilities does TUBINGAL PURE offer to you?

Soft handle | A soft and flowing handle can be obtained on the most different fabric qualities.

Finishing additive | Properties like the sewability or the tear strength can be improved by using TUBINGAL PURE. The tensile strength and seam slippage are not negatively influenced.

Easy care finishing | Applied in easy care finishing TUBINGAL PURE improves the “wash and wear” effects.

Soil-release & Soil-repellent | As softener in the soil-release or soil-repellent finishing (based on C6 chemistry) TUBINGAL PURE shows only little influence on the effects.

Flame-retardant finishing | Fabrics treated with retardants can be softened by TUBINGAL PURE without significant impact on the burning behaviour.

Flexible application | TUBINGAL PURE can be universally applied by exhaust procedure, by padding or spraying on coloured and white fabrics.

Please note: Due to the big number of materials and requirements we generally recommend carrying out preliminary tests.



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Expand your horizon with TUBINGAL PURE for a textile finishing technology without compromises!
For further product information and detailed technical advice, our Technical Service will be at your entire disposal.


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