VARIPHOB® Hydrophobic Agents

With VARIPHOB® we provide high performance silicone and wax based water repellents for various applications. Thanks to our many years of experience in the synthesis and emulsification of organically modified silicones and waxes, our products have unique combinations of properties. The VARIPHOB® product portfolio guarantees long-lasting and environmentally friendly protection of mineral surfaces, architectural paints and plasters.

Highly flexible applications

  • For use as hydrophobing additives for the application in paints and coatings
  • As effective impregnation of mineral surfaces and natural stones
  • As additives for the mass hydrophobisation of cement-based building materials


What hydrophobing agents are good for

Water or high humidity in connection with constantly changing weather conditions are mainly responsible for damages of all kinds to metallic, wooden or mineral constructions and buildings.

In order to minimise maintenance costs, extend renovation cycles or even prevent the need for replacement, contact or penetration of water into the materials must be avoided. Particularly suitable for this are hydrophobic coating systems such as paints and plasters or hydrophobic impregnations, which provide permanent protection for substrates such as facades.


Silicone resin paints and plasters

A combination of polysiloxanes and silicone resins is typically used as water repellent additives for waterborne paints and plasters. The polysiloxanes are mainly responsible for early water resistance and the beading effect, whereas the silicone resins generally reduce water absorption.

In addition, silicone resins have a significantly higher water vapour permeability compared to organic resins, which is necessary for good moisture transport so that the danger of mould formation indoors remains averted.

Through innovative synthesis and emulsification, CHT has succeeded in combining these important properties in an additional product group without sacrificing performance.

Properties and effects:

  • Reduction of water uptake
  • Beading effect
  • Breathability
  • Reduction of soiling tendency


Industries and markets:

  • Pavers
  • Precast
  • Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)
  • Technical Fibres
  • Architectural Paints
  • Dry Mix Mortars



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