BeSo®BRIGHT – for a long-lasting brilliant white

White – friendly, tidy, professional. From shirt to sheet, from coat to cover, this classic will never go out of style. A little-known fact about white textiles is that their production is actually quite challenging. It takes the brightest minds to ensure that untainted newly bought brilliance lasts as long as possible and you can wear your beloved garments longer to reduce the environmental impact. 

Our best solution BeSoBRIGHT lets white textiles shine on, without disturbing the environment.

How BeSoBRIGHT works

  • Long-lasting whiteness and brightness
  • Prolongs garment life cycle
  • Prevents greying and yellowing even after multiple washes
  • Applicable for woven and knit textiles
  • On cellulose:
    • wash durability
    • acid stability
    • for all applications and especially for continuous applications with superior wash durability
  • On polyester:
    • bright white and superior fastness
  • On polyamide:
    • highest white effect
  • Measured by:
    • visual evaluation
    • degree of whiteness/values regarding formula e.g. CIE, BERGER, GANZ
    • reflectance spectra

The effect can be achieved with these product ranges:



Selected BeSoBRIGHT products

BeSoBRIGHT can also be realized with other CHT products. Please contact us.

Special Sustainability Aspects

  • An extended life of your clothing reduces the consumption of resources and thus also the environmental impact



BeSoBRIGHT – just one of our smart effects with character.