Packaging and graphic papers

Packaging materials made of paper and cardboard are nowadays an essential part of our daily life. End users and producers make increasingly higher demands on quality and function.

Design, functionality, food compatibility and recyclability are permanently subject to new trends and challenges. Legal regulations for food packagings are additionally gaining in importance for the paper and cardboard industry.

Our claim is to recognise and fulfil the demands of the dynamic market at an early stage by means of innovative research and development. Our products always ensure an ecologically conscious handling with our resources.

The CHT Group offers a wide product portfolio for an efficient optimisation of your processes.
With our modern and environmentally friendly process chemicals we are glad to support you in the following fields:

  • Enzymes (CHT-ENZ / QUIMIZIME) for saving refining energy and increasing the strength
  • Sticky control additives (CHT-FIX / IMEX / QUMIFIX) for decomposing and inhibiting sticky deposits
  • Fluorocarbon-free barrier coatings (CHT-COAT) for repelling water vapour, mineral oil, grease and oil
  • Retention agents (CHT-RET / RETEX) for an optimal drainage
  • Fixing agents (CHT-FIX) for eliminating annoying substances
  • Dry strength resins (CHT-BOND / BASE ES) for increasing the strength
  • Defoamers (CHT-AF / QUIMIFOAM) for inhibiting foam
  • Cleaning and conditioning agents (CHT-CLEAN / QUIMICLEAN) for preventing soil particles from depositing
  • Biocides (CHT-ZID / QUIMICID) for inhibiting annoying microorganisms
  • Flocculants (CHT-FLOC / REFLOC) for recycling process water and wastewater



Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Paper SolutionsNachhaltige LebensmittelverpackungSustainable Food PackagingePaper05.01.2024
Paper SolutionsEnzyme für die VerpackungsproduktionEnzymes for Packaging productionTechnical information17.05.2024
Paper SolutionsVerpackungspapiere / Graphische PapierePackaging, printing and writing papersBrochure20.04.2018