NouWell CDL | Natural freshness without biocides

Well-being and the feeling of freshness are closely linked. Smelly clothes after sport might be unpleasant but cannot always be changed or washed immediately. NouWell CDL helps to preserve the feeling of freshness for a longer period of time.

Normally, odor-reducing finishes are achieved with biocides. This is not the case when using NouWell CDL. A natural freshness can be obtained without any antimicrobial properties.

Synthetic textiles in particular, such as functional underwear or upholstery fabrics, hardly adsorb odors, which is noticeable as unpleasant odors on the fabric. Here, NouWell CDL helps to complex unpleasant smelling substances and retain them until the next wash cycle, where they are removed.

An objective measurement of odour adsorbing properties is provided by ISO 17299-3 using gas chromatography. Here, the textiles are impregnated with isovaleric acid and the odor reduction rate is then determined by in-strumental analysis.

NouWell CDL is certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, ZDHC and bluesign® among others.


Special properties:

  • Naturally based odor management without biocides
  • Higher wearing comfort due to pleasant feeling of freshness
  • Less odors in home textiles
  • Universally applicable on various types of fibers, biggest improvement on PES
  • Can be combined with other finishing agents, thus flexibility in application
  • Good washing permanence
  • Suitable for white goods



NouWell CDL


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