Technology supporter

Major innovations in the jeans production include the creation of used areas made with laser technology, ozonation of jeans for all over bleaching effects, low liquor technologies to save water in exhaust processes, as well as nebulization systems.

While these innovations give new possibilities to process the garments, especially in a more sustainable way, often the outcome does not always meet the required quality standard. Even more, when requirements, like 3rd party certifications, ask for chemical auxiliaries that have been thoroughly examined not to be of danger for human health and environment.

Our Technology Supporter product range acts exactly at this point, by offering state-of-the-art solutions that are highly efficient and innocuous at the same time.



Auxiliaries that create excellent laser results by making the laser pattern clearer, more detailed and additional local bleaches can be avoided.



Auxiliaries that benefit of low liquor ratio technologies giving most authentic and even effects comparable with conventional processes, but with significantly lower water consumption.


Find more detailed information on our technology supporting auxiliaries within the enclosed brochure


Our product solution prepares your garment in a way that the effect of any subsequent bleaching step, especially dry processes like ozone bleaching, can be enhanced.



From bleaching agents to garment dye auxiliaries: our products are specially adapted, biodegradable and heavy-metal-free for most ecologic and economic results.


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