TIMEBOOST - For quick polyester dyeing processes

TIMEBOOST is your pacemaker for high end levelling of PES in high temperature ranges. You achieve higher capacities with a lower investment volume. A real process champion for yarn and piece dyeings.

The innovative TIMEBOOST solution makes prewashing in the dyeing process totally unnecessary. The main process also becomes shorter owing to a heating rate of up to 5 °C/min to 130 °C and a shorter migration time.

The entire result is a significant time saving of 1 to 2 hours and level dyeing with BEMACRON dyes and the PES auxiliary system CHT-DISPERGATOR XHT-S and EGASOL UP.

The process innovation for saving time

The synchronisation effect is an important parameter for heating up without gradient. The sooner the dyes absorb onto or into the PES, the less time is needed for the process.
Negative parameters such as oligomers (impact on the light fastnesses) do not come up with the TIMEBOOST process.


Convinces by its very good dispersing and levelling capacity. The maximum fine distribution gives the dyes a higher dissolving speed than with conventional products.

The oil dispersion of CHT-DISPERGATOR XHT-S in the dyeing bath is above average. The product does not level via a retarding effect and therefore large quantities can be applied.


Its excellent synchronisation effect makes it highly suitable for PES wovens on jets as well as for critical colours like green, olive or brown.

Further noteworthy time savings are achieved in combination with REDULIT GIN and INTENSOL OLI for reductive aftercleaning.

The advantages at a glance

  • Much shorter heating up time
  • Less migration time at dyeing temperature
  • Prewashing is unnecessary
  • Less foam formation
  • Excellent synchronising properties
  • Outstanding levelling and migration capacity
  • Flexibly applicable on jets and many other machines


Application amounts

  • 1.0  -  2.0 % CHT-DISPERGATOR XHT-S
  • 1.5  -  2.0 % EGASOL UP for light shades
  • 1.0  -  1.5 % EGASOL UP for medium to dark shades







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