BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor

Saving of resources through tailor-made rinsing processes

In the dyeing of cotton using reactive dyes, the rinsing process consumes by far the most water, energy and process time in order to achieve a good fastness level. Optimization of the rinsing process is therefore most effective if focused on resource consumption and process time.

The “BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor” calculation program, included in the CHT Textile Dyes App, provides a predictive calculation of the fastness rating, which allows the optimum rinsing process to be determined and subsequently used.

In this way, the App can be a great help for every dyehouse in creating more cost-efficient and resource-conserving production processes. The savings in water, energy, and time are enormous and can be achieved without any prior investments.

Learn more about this important topic of innovative, digitally supported resource saving and how the program is structured and works - and above all about the added value that the "BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor" offers. Simply download the detailed report under "Downloads".

And of course, you can apply what you've learned right away: just get the CHT Textile Dyes app for free from the Google Play Store or App Store and update the data - and you're ready to go.



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Bezema Colour SolutionsApp-unterstützte Optimierung von SpülprozessenApp-supported optimization of rinsing processesDocumento23.05.2022