Formaldehyde-free products

Functional finishing of textiles and garments by means of either textile printing, screen printing, coating or other application processes poses high demands on compounds and formulations. Societies’ expectations on responsible handling of humans as well as nature are increasing on a daily basis. 

It is not easy to always bring social and ecological demands into accord with technical feasibility. 

We have always focused on developing and supplying safe and non-toxic systems – even before formaldehyde was classified as carcinogenic. Products and systems of the CHT Group offer to you just that: formaldehyde-free binder systems, easy care resins and functional finishes. In this case sustainability means to us the consistent selection and optimization of our products’ chemical base and composition in order to obtain the following: compliance with our production requirements as well as with the application profile of the final product. All this by additionally being formaldehyde-free and low in emissions. Our products comply with strict ecological and toxicological criteria offering yet high product qualities, fastness profiles as well as stabilities to washing and ageing – with the well-known high performance and without any compromises.

To us formaldehyde-free means that all recipe components neither contain nor release formaldehyde during processing – we use formaldehyde-free chemicals.

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Formaldehyde-free CHT products


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