TECOSIT® Filmformers

TECOSIT® is versatile. As a binder to provide special properties in paint and coating systems, for hydrophobic barriers in sealing slurries, and as a permanent bond between innovative materials (organic polymers to optimise the bond between fibre material and concrete in textile concrete).

The TECOSIT® product family comprises high-performance special polymers based on polyacrylates, homopolymers or copolymers, polyurethanes, vinyl acetates and combinations thereof, which can be used for a wide range of coatings. Whether in barrier coatings, on paper and cardboard, architectural paints, as a protective film on concrete or as a water-repellent film former in waterproofing systems. Very efficient and long-lasting protective properties can be achieved with the TECOSIT® product portfolio.

Due to the very different and flexibly adjustable film formation and glass transition temperatures, TECOSIT® products are very universally applicable and provide sealing surfaces and barriers in the desired areas of application.

The pore-closing property of TECOSIT® ensures, for example, that the treated surfaces have an effective and closed barrier and moisture seal against external influences.

TECOSIT for strong textile concrete structures

Another area of application for the TECOSIT range opens up in the field of textile concrete.

Structures made of textile-reinforced concrete have the decisive advantage that they are durable even under extreme environmental conditions and are significantly more sustainable, since much less concrete has to be processed for the same performance. These advantages result from the fact that a heavy and corrosion-prone steel reinforcement is replaced by light, resistant and at least equally load-bearing textile reinforcement.

In order to create such high-performance structures from textile and concrete, the different materials must be bonded to form a load-bearing unit. In order to take full advantage of the performance of these composite materials, TECOSIT binders are optimised to ideally support the bond between the fibre material and the concrete.

Industries and markets:

  • Pavers
  • Precast
  • Technical Fibres
  • Architectural Paints
  • Dry Mix Mortars
  • Overprint Varnishes
  • Foil Coatings



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