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The CHT product portfolio includes a wide range of technologies to produce high-quality functional formulations. Applications can be found in a broad spectrum of industries such as textile auxiliaries, food, rubber & plastics, oil & gas, as well as in the production of raw materials such as additives and binders. With excellently equipped R&D laboratories, we support our customers' individual requirements with tailor-made solutions while keeping an eye on trends in global markets.

Our range includes modified siloxanes, such as aminosiloxanes, polyethersiloxanes, silicone quats, silicone waxes or hydroxy-functional siloxanes, as well as numerous PDMS emulsions of different molecular weights.

In addition, we have expertise in the synthesis of dispersions based on acrylates and polyurethane as well as silicone-modified hybrids.

Furthermore, through our subsidiary keim additec surface GmbH, based in Kirchberg in the Hunsrück area, we offer environmentally friendly water-based wax additives for use in versatile coating systems.


Most important sectors and markets

  • Textile auxiliaries
  • Food industry
  • Rubber & plastics industry
  • Oil & Gas industry
  • General industrial manufacturing


Properties and effects

  • Handle modification
  • Water repellency
  • Creation of surface smoothness
  • Antistatic & anti-soiling properties
  • Foam prevention
  • Increased efficiency of industrial processes


Chemical base

  • Aminosiloxanes
  • Amidosiloxanes
  • Polydimethylsiloxanes
  • Polyethersiloxanes
  • Silicone quats
  • Silicone waxes
  • Dispersing additives
  • Wax emulsions (amide, carnauba, HDPE, paraffin, PTFE)
  • Binders based on acrylates, PU, and silicone-modified hybrids



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