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With its versatile range of silicone elastomers (silicone rubbers) the CHT Group has been a long-standing partner and supplier for numerous industries.

CHT underpinned its position as a worldwide supplier of special silicone elastomers by taking over the ICM Group, a silicones specialty company, in 2017. Since then the companies Quantum Silicones, ACC Silicones, ICM Products, Amber Silicones and Treco SRL have been part of CHT.

The global silicone business comprises production facilities and technical laboratories in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, North America and China. Sales and technical support are handled by an international network of CHT offices and partners in over 60 countries on all continents.


State-of-the-art Silicone Elastomers

The CHT Group offers silicone materials with the most varied chemical bases. This enables us to formulate products to meet the specific processing needs and physical requirements of very different industries.

Our silicone elastomer systems stand out for their extraordinary chemical and thermal stabilities, physiological harmlessness, environmental compatibility and excellent electrical properties.

CHT’s silicone experts are able to produce both 1-component and 2-component silicone compounds which cure either at room temperature (RTV) or by using heat. The range also includes LSR silicones (liquid silicone rubber). These liquid silicone elastomers are specially designed for use in fully automated industrial processes such as LIMS (Liquid Injection Moulding Systems).

In addition, we can support customers with our highly specialized formulation additives and masterbatches, which offer absolute flexibility in creating own formulations. Our silicones can also be supplied as aqueous liquids through our advanced emulsification technology.

The development of tailor-made products that meet your individual design and functional requirements is also part of our core business.

If you need assistance in product selection, our technical team is available to provide application-based advice worldwide.


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Our Silicone Solutions (SilSo) deliver innovative know-how and are designed to make your life easier. SilSo comprises a selection of our best products, available across a wide range of applications. Together with our extensive technical support, SilSo is helping developpers and engineers to design cutting-edge, reliable and effective products for the future.

The SilSo range of silicone materials can be used in the following applications.


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