Easygoing with VISCAVIN AP 1A

VISCAVIN AP 1A is a multi-functional & truly all-round combination product for all applications such as scouring and bleaching. It supports the entire textile machinery such as jets, overflow, jig, beam, cheese dyeing apparatus, padding units, continuous washing & scouring ranges, pad steam bleaching ranges, etc. and is applicable for all natural and synthetic fibers and blends thereof.

The innovative, patented special polymers in VISCAVIN AP 1A improve the pretreatment results through its dispersing power, secondary washing performance and anti-backstaining.

Comb polymers provide a boosting effect in detergency and increasing efficiency for higher cleanliness.


Features and benefits

  • Consisting of wetting, washing, emulsifying, complexing, dispersing, peroxide stabilizing ingredients
  • Excellent overall performance
  • P-free (P-content <0.05 %)
  • Excellent emulsifying properties, e.g. on blends with elastane
  • Less chemicals consumption
  • Low foaming, e.g. no additional defoamer required on high turbulence jet machines
  • Higher efficiency during the production
  • Saves resources: less water, less wastewater
  • Suitable for automatic dispensing systems
  • Using fewer dosing pumps for e.g. peroxide bleaching processes
  • Simple recipe management
  • Shorter set-up time for initial automatic filling, up to 30 % time saving
  • Less products in warehouse
  • Compliant with various eco labels such as GOTS, bluesign, ZDHC, C2C






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