Cradle to Cradle by CHT


Sustainability is not just a trend, but one of the most significant core values that goes hand in hand with the innovative strength of the CHT Group. It determines our daily work and is a central component of our coorporate strategy. As an innovative and sustainable partner to the textile industry, we are constantly working on the ideas and solutions for tomorrow.

The circular economy plays an essential role in this: we are convinced that recyclable textile products are the right way to conserve resources and reduce the environmental impact. For this reason, all employees work closely together with our customers and brands to achieve common goals; avoiding waste and harmful substances used or produced in the textile production process and developing materials with an ecological benefit.

The Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program is a pioneering step in the textile world that fits perfectly to CHT’s sustainable strategy: Right from inception products should be created which are suitable for the biological cycle. This implies the development of auxiliaries and dyes which can be decomposed and easily returned to the natural cycle.

CHT Group offers a wide range of textile finishing products for different sectors of the textile industry, that meets strict toxicological guidelines and is suitable for achieving the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard on finished textiles. Our range of process and finishing chemicals (dyes, auxiliaries and pigments) ensures that textile products remain recyclable and promote a positive environmental footprint. The majority of our certified products already meet the requirements of the best possible categories in terms of material health. In addition, most of our MHC are already listed under version 4.0.

Don't hesitate, become part of the Circular Economy today and help make textiles more sustainable and ecological - CHT will support you. We have many years of experience, technical know-how and excellent and sustainable ranges in all processes along the entire textile value chain.

Many more details, all available Material Health certificates as well as C2C by CHT product selections can be found below or in the ePaper.

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Pretreatment by CHT | Pretreatment

The pretreatment range includes sustainable products for the realisation of economical processes such as desizing, washing and bleaching and is suitable for all discontinuous and continuous applications as well as material types. This range of products has been specifically selected or developed to meet the material health requirements of the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard.

Selected C2C by CHT products for pretreatment


Dyeing by CHT | Dyeing auxiliaries

The CHT dyeing range consists of selected auxiliaries for sustainable and economical dyeing processes. The products are suitable for continuous and discontinuous dyeing processes, have been specifically selected or developed with regard to material health requirements according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard.

Selected C2C by CHT products for dyeing


Dyeing by CHT | Dyes

Our dye selection not only meets the material health requirements according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard but additionally covers a wide range of shades. Thus, this range simultaneously allows for a sustainable and economical dyeing of textiles and for maximum fastness levels.

Selected C2C by CHT dyes


Ecoprint by CHT | Printing

Auxiliaries, pigments and dyes for pigment and reactive printing, which have been specially developed to make textile products safely biologically recyclable.

Selected C2C by CHT products for pigment printing
Selected C2C by CHT printing auxiliaries


Finishing & Coating by CHT | Finishing & Coating

The range for finishing and coating comprises selected products which facilitate textile processes such as raising, rewinding, sewing, softening, etc. They can also be used to provide additional effects and finishes which can be tailor-made in line with the articles intended use. The products are suited for common application procedures used in textile finishing and coating.

Selected C2C by CHT products for finishing and coating


Jeans & Garment by CHT

Our C2C garment range enables jeans treatment at the highest ecological level. Besides super effective anti-backstaining auxiliaries, enzymes and softeners specifically developed for jeans, the complete organIQ family is part of the C2C by CHT range. With the use of these products, ecological jeans finishing with biodegradable, heavy metal-free and water-saving chemicals can be carried out, which was previously not possible with conventional processes.

C2C by CHT products for jeans and garment


C2C certificates and information materials

Secteur Titre allemand Titre anglais Type Date Langue
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsC2C Pretreatment | HilfsmittelC2C Pretreatment | AuxiliariesDocument28.03.2024
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsC2C Dyeing | HilfsmittelC2C Dyeing | AuxiliariesDocument04.04.2024
Bezema Colour SolutionsC2C Dyeing | SäurefarbstoffeC2C Dyeing | Acid dyesDocument24.02.2023
Bezema Colour SolutionsC2C Dyeing | ReaktivfarbstoffeC2C Dyeing | Reactive dyesDocument09.01.2023
Bezema Colour SolutionsC2C Dyeing | DispersionsfarbstoffeC2C Dyeing | Disperse dyesDocument14.03.2024
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsC2C Ecoprint | PigmentdruckC2C Ecoprint | Pigment printingDocument09.01.2023
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsC2C Printing | HilfsmittelC2C Printing | AuxiliariesDocument28.03.2024
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsC2C Finishing & Coating | HilfsmittelC2C Finishing & Coating | AuxiliariesDocument28.03.2024
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsC2C Garment Finishing | HilfsmittelC2C Garment Finishing | AuxiliariesDocument09.01.2023
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsCradle to Cradle by CHTCradle to Cradle by CHTePaper06.07.2021
Bezema Colour SolutionsBEZAKTIV SELECTION C2CBEZAKTIV SELECTION C2CCarte de coloris13.07.2023
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsECOPRINT | Kompostierbare DrucksystemeECOPRINT | Compostable Printing SystemsePaper17.05.2023
Normes et certificatsHinweise zum sicheren ProdukteinsatzInformation on safe product useDocument09.08.2022