PIGMENTURA by CHT | The new standard of pigment dyeing

Responsible, sustainable production with ecologically suited auxiliaries have become indispensable in textile manufacturing and finishing. The textile industry needs a lot of resources like water and energy, and we need to make sure that the value chains deploy them efficiently and carefully.

With recent state-of-the-art innovations like PIGMENTURA this is now possible more than ever!

PIGMENTURA by CHT is a novelty, pigment based dyeing approach that is not only fast and easy to implement, but crucially requires no water for soaping and rinsing. Simultaneously, it outperforms older methods of pigment dyeing by achieving darker shades and increased color fastness and smoother hand feel thereby overcoming the old disadvantages of conventional pigment dyeing.

PIGMENTURA can be used on all substrates but is particularly suitable for cotton and cotton blends. We recommend using staple yarns whenever possible for best possible results.


Key advantages of PIGMENTURA

  • Enormous savings in water and energy

  • Increased color fastness, levelness, and color spectrum thanks to a more powerful and crosslinking migration inhibitor

  • Ecologically sound, no hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde

  • Process optimizations like no migration, no film formation, easy and safe machine cleaning

  • Easy to implement, short setup time and highly reliable thanks to less complexity

  • Even complex fiber blends are dyeable in a one-step-process

  • Suitable for recycled materials



PIGMENTURA 1000 | Crosslinking migration inhibitor

PIGMENTURA 2000 | Dry crock enhancer

KOLLASOL CDO | Deaerator and penetration accelerator

BEZAPRINT | Water-based pigment dispersions

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