ARRISTAN (recycled) rAIR - from plastic waste to a high-quality product for textile finishing

Plastic is found everywhere in the environment. Of the approximately 353 million tons of plastic waste worldwide, about 22% ends up in the environment, polluting our nature for a long time. This is one of the biggest global challenges that needs to be solved.

For the sustainable use of resources, the CHT Group has developed the product "ARRISTAN rAIR" according to the principles of the circular economy. In this process, plastic waste is converted into a high-quality auxiliary agent for textile finishing in order, to improve the wearing comfort of functional textiles through optimum moisture management with reduced electrostatic charging.

ARRISTAN rAIR thus extends the useful life of already existing plastics and helps to save fossil primary resources. In addition, this contributes to waste reduction.

Moisture management can be characterized by different methods such as measurement of vertical wicking, measurement of evaporation capacity or drying rate (AATCC 201).


Furthermore, the hydrophilization of synthetic fibers leads to an interesting "secondary effect", a so-called improved soil release effect.

Due to their chemical structure, synthetic fibers generally have a hydrophobic fiber surface and are therefore well wetted by oil and grease borne soils. The hydrophobic soil has a high affinity to the fiber surface and makes cleaning and soil removal more difficult. Hydrophilization with ARRISTAN rAIR causes a decrease in the adhesion forces between hydrophobic dirt and fiber surface. This supports the diffusion of water and detergent into the interface between dirt and fiber, resulting in significantly improved soil removal in home laundry processes.

ARRISTAN rAIR is suitable for functionalizing apparel textiles in the "sportswear" and "workwear" segments, as well as for many different articles in the sector of "home textiles".





Effects on (recycled) synthetic fibres and their mixtures

  • Regulation of temperature and moisture
  • Excellent soil release effect
  • Improved antistatic properties
  • Smooth and soft handle
  • Wash durable



  • Padding
  • Exhaust
  • Spraying
  • Dyebath (pre-trials recommended)



  • PES Co-polymer


You can find additional information in the ePaper.
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