AGOCEL® Rheology Additives

The CHT Group offers high-performance polysaccharides and functional additives for building materials and paints in the construction industry. Through our many years of experience in the modification of renewable raw materials, we provide products with outstanding property profiles. Our AGOCEL® product portfolio guarantees reliable processing and environmentally friendly optimization of mineral building material systems and architectural paints.


AGOCEL® - Rheology Additives tailored to your needs

Rheological additives are essential components of paint and mineral building formulations. These are not only added to adjust the viscosity in order to meet certain processing requirements and specifications, but also to influence essential properties like storage stability and good anti settling behavior. Additionally, rheology additives help to adapt the product to the different application processes to guarantee the maximal performance and durability while minimizing costs.


AGOCEL® - as versatile as the intended use

CHT provides a wide range of sustainable rheological additives based on guar and xanthan gum to meet individual customer requirements. Swelling-retarded guar ethers are characterized in particular by their high water retention capacity, which prevents skin formation due to excessively rapid water evaporation. In addition, the modified guar ethers impart a balanced pseudoplastic behavior to the final formulations with excellent properties for both low and high shear forces.

In comparison, the complex xanthan gum molecule gives the products a rheological profile with an extremely high degree of pseudoplasticity. Due to this property, the desired final formulation exhibits excellent anti-settling behavior, thereby preventing formation of syneresis and improving the processing properties during troweling or spraying.

Tailor-made through combination capability

By combining sustainable CHT technologies, our customers can develop tailor-made formulations with excellent stability and the required application properties that meet the most modern ecological aspects.

Used as a single product, or in combination with other thickening systems, CHT rheological additives add significant value to your formulations:

  • Natural and sustainable technologies
  • Swelling retardation for improved incorporation
  • Highly effective thickening effect and open time
  • Excellent stability and workability
  • Superior application properties
  • Extra class anti-settling properties

Properties and effects:

  • Viscosity stability in a wide pH range
  • Good structural stability
  • Adhesion to difficult substrates
  • Very high water retention
  • Improvement of open time
  • Very strong thickening effect at low dosing

Industries and markets:

  • Pavers
  • Architectural Paints
  • Dry Mix Mortars


Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Architecture - Coatings - Concrete - Graphic Arts SolutionsAGOCEL | Rheologieadditive für bessere PerformanceAGOCEL | Rheology additives for better performanceePaper02.03.2023
Architecture - Coatings - Concrete - Graphic Arts SolutionsAGOCEL AC 4100 | Nachhaltiges RheologieadditivAGOCEL AC 4100 | Sustainable rheology modifierTechnical information17.08.2021

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