BeSo®SMOOTH – look good, feel great

Wearing something new is a real confidence booster. You simply know you look good and absolutely flawless. With BeSoSMOOTH you can now rely on your garments to maintain their good-as-new looks for much longer.

BeSoSMOOTH significantly reduces the impact of everyday wear on textiles and effectively prevents pilling.

With BeSoSMOOTH, CHT offers the best solution to keep textiles neat. Waste no more time shaving fuzz off your garments.

Fiber protection

  • Selected additives reduce the friction during fabric motion
  • Pill formation is reduced and the fabric surface remains clear
  • Suitable for:
    • cotton, viscose, synthetics and their blends
    • underwear, shirts or sweaters, trousers or sleep wear, bed sheeting or other home textiles
  • Measured by determination of:
    • fabric tendency to pilling (pilling box method / DIN EN ISO 12945-1)
    • fabric tendency to pilling (mod. Martindale method / DIN EN ISO 12945-2)
    • abrasion resistance (DIN EN ISO 12947-2 / DIN EN ISO 12947-3)

The effect can be achieved with this product range:



Selected BeSoSMOOTH products

BeSoSMOOTH can also be realized with other CHT products. Please contact us.

Special Sustainability Aspects

  • Higher resistant and therefore longer lasting fabrics
  • Biodegradable polymers such as ARRISTAN BVA can be used to improve mechanical resistance



BeSoSMOOTH – just one of our smart effects with character.

BeSoSMOOTH in a nutshell

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