SPACTIVE® Defoamers

SPACTIVE® - Our product range for optimal and efficient defoaming of coating systems. The right solutions for coatings, printing inks, architectural paints and mineral systems. With the SPACTIVE® product portfolio, high-quality surfaces as well as foam-free industrial processes can be realised. Our highly effective concentrates, stable emulsions and free-flowing powders are available worldwide.

What defoamers offer

In a wide variety of production and application processes, it is essential to avoid foam formation as far as possible. For this purpose, surface-active additives are used to counteract the stabilisation of foam lamellae.

In the production of water-based coating systems, mainly surfactant-like components are used for homogenisation and stabilisation. However, the use of these products generates considerable amounts of foam as a negative side effect in various processing steps. It is important to avoid this foam as far as possible or to break it down quickly.

For this purpose, CHT offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance defoamers for water-based coating systems. Due to the surface activity, it must be taken into account when selecting a defoamer that they are only conditionally compatible in coating systems. The balance between compatibility and incompatibility is therefore one of the decisive factors for the quality and suitability of a defoamer.

The important thing here is: With increasing incompatibility, effectiveness and long-term stability increase. At the same time, the tendency to surface defects is greatly increased by the incorporation of the defoamer. "Incompatible" defoamers are generally used for dispersing pigments (grinding), as high shear forces act here. If the shear forces are too low, "incompatible" defoamers are not optimally incorporated and as a result often lead to surface defects in the application.


Environmentally friendly solutions

By eliminating mineral oils, APEO and other VOC-forming components, CHT's newly developed defoamers are suitable for formulating environmentally friendly coating systems with eco-certifications.

Our systems offer the user an excellent and suitable balance between incorporation and effectiveness for a wide field of application in combination with a wide variety of binder systems.

CHT products offer you an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for defoaming with strong properties:

  • Specially optimised for water-based coatings
  • Highly effective and long-term stable
  • APEO- and mineral oil-free
  • Low VOC

Properties and effects:

  • Stop foam formation during production
  • Guarantee foam-free application of coating systems
  • Prevent trapped air within the coating

Industries and markets:

  • Precast
  • Wood Coatings
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Pigment Pastes
  • Architectural Paints
  • Dry Mix Mortars
  • Inks
  • Overprint Varnishes
  • Foil Coatings
  • Seed Coatings


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