Sustainable, high-performing effects for textiles with function

Textiles surround us around the clock and we encounter them in all sorts of places in everyday life. Textiles are used in a variety of forms and they fulfil far-reaching functions often without our being aware of it.

Textiles are closest to us in the form of clothing. We wear different textiles made of various materials directly on our bodies all the time. We expect them not only to provide comfort but to also to provide care and protection from external influences, be durable and offer other functionality tailored to our requirements.

Textiles must be functional

No matter how active we are, what our need for protection is and where we are. The textiles that surround us have to go through a lot and continually provide high performance. The BeSo® effect range covers almost all aspects of modern textile functionalities. In addition to protective functions for special applications in the medical or care sector, a wide range of comfort and utility functions and properties can be created to match their intended use.

BeSo® effects can be transferred to many other application areas beyond the use in clothing textiles for professional use or in sports and leisure. Our products are suitable for use in home textiles such as towels, bed and table linen, furnishing and upholstery fabrics as well as in cars, public transport, hotels, restaurants and public facilities.

Combining functions with systems: BeSo®EFFECTIVE and BeSo®ECO

With the Best Solution concept BeSo®, the CHT Group offers a modern and extensive range of effects which can provide textiles with high performance properties and functionalities that meet the requirements for their intended use. Our specialists have developed these innovative effects for use on a wide variety of materials personal to each application. They can be combined in many different ways to consistently meet high performance and sustainability requirements.

The now additionally available BeSo®ECO range is an important step on the way to a circular ecosystem and a carbon-neutral future. The BeSo®ECO range includes product selections that meet the material health requirements of the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard or are based on recycled or bio-based materials. BeSo®ECO is therefore the best solution for the environment.

BeSo®EFFECTIVE | BeSo®ECO - Smart effects with character.


Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsBeSoECO | Nachhaltige Lösungen für HochleistungstextilienBeSoECO | Sustainable Solutions for High-Performance TextilesePaper17.02.2022