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Plastics are an inherent part of our everyday life. Thanks to their low specific weight and great versatility and strength plastics support us in a myriad of application fields. However, what happens with plastics after their use?

This question is more relevant than ever before; optimum solution approaches are sought all over the world.

For common plastics such as PET, PE, PP, PS, ABS and PC established recycling processes with a proven track of success are already available. Since they facilitate a qualitative recovery of plastics, they help save resources and protect the environment.

On the base of our flexible portfolio and our individual application technique service the CHT Recycling Solutions have been successfully growing for years just like our satisfied customers from the recycling industry.

CHT auxiliaries for recycling make their contribution to an increasingly higher share of recyclable plastics.
They not only improve the quality of the recycled material but additionally optimise processes and allow for smooth machine runs.  

We are pleased to advise you for optimising your recycling processes.
Get in touch with us, so that we work out a specifically customised cleaning concept for your machinery with our additives.


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PET recycling market situation

The development of the PET bottle recycling shows what has been done so far but also what is still required. By 2018, approx. 550 billion PET drinking bottles are estimated to have been sold worldwide, thus approximately 1.15 million bottles per minute. Worldwide, about 55% of them are collected and recycled. The non-recycled share which is often carelessly disposed of in nature is a permanent load to the environment.

Especially recycled PET goods can be recycled very easily and serve as raw material for new products in various application fields. Most often, recycled PET bottles are used to produce fibre materials for textiles (approx. 48%), new bottles (approx. 27 %) and films (approx. 18 %).



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