Improved quality and optimised processes by use of smart auxiliaries

The consistently high quality of the recycled good as well as an optimised process are prerequisites for a successful recycling company. Perfectly integrated recycling auxiliaries of the CHT Group make a decisive contribution.

As usual, CHT pays special attention to the sustainability of the recycling processes when developing products for our Recycling Solutions. Our products can be easily removed from the wastewater and are highly efficient in lowest quantities.


High cleaning efficiency with TUBIWASH

CHT cleaning agents of the highly efficient TUBIWASH series remove soilings as well as organic residues, adhesives and printing inks in the aqueous recycling process. They additionally reduce possible deposits on machine parts which impair smooth process runs.

TUBIWASH cleaning agents are applicable in versatile fields.
When recycling films, bottles or bowls TUBIWASH auxiliaries lead to higher L values and lower b values. They contribute thus to an increased quality of various plastics.

Optimum machine run thanks to reduced foaming with TUBIFOAM

In the recycling process the use of defoamers is often indispensable.

However, by using the highly efficient products of the TUBIFOAM series which are without effluent load the required defoamer quantity can be reduced to a minimum.

TUBIFOAM diffuses into the foam laminae, destabilises them and destroys them effectively. This inhibits foam and ensures an optimum machine run.


Ideal separation in the flotation bath with TUBIWET

challenge of the mechanical recycling process is the unmixed processing and separation of various materials. Adherent air often impairs the successful separation of PET since the air cushions prevent the PET from sinking down in the flotation bath.

Special defoamers of the TUBIFOAM series not only efficiently inhibit foam but have also deaerating properties. They are thus also suited as flotation auxiliaries. For special requirements we offer our TUBIWET products, a range of specialised flotation auxiliaries with excellent deaerating properties.


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CHT - your perfect partner

Recycling is a growing market. With its intelligent, sustainable and high-performance auxiliaries and additives the CHT Group is your ideal partner.

We are pleased to analyse your processes and work out customised application recommendations for your recycling plants.


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