BeSo®FRESH – always ahead by a nose

Whether it’s headwind while cycling to work, holding an important presentation, or backpacking through Asia – don’t sweat it!

BeSoFRESH will keep your textiles free from unpleasant odours. BeSoFRESH inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause bad smells.

With BeSoFRESH, textiles need less laundering, which significantly increases their lifecycle and reduces the use of water, energy and detergents.


BeSoFRESH is CHT’s best solution to keep textiles fresh.



Antibacterial effect

  • Perfect for close-to-skin fabrics like underwear, sports cloth, hiking shirts, fleece, socks, linings, shoes and gloves, as well as home textiles such as towels and bed linen
  • Effective even under extreme conditions
  • Product iSys AG is silver based and bacteriostatic
  • Product iSys ZNP is zinc pyrithione based, bacteriostatic and fungistatic
  • Measured by:
    • agar gel diffusion test (SN 195920)
    • shake flask test (ASTM E 2149)
    • inoculation test (JIS-L 1902 / AATCC 100)
  • Contains the active substance silver chloride/zinc pyrithione to prevent unpleasant odour
  • Use biocides safely. Always read the label and the product information before use


The effect can be achieved with this product range:



Selected BeSoFRESH products

BeSoFRESH can also be realised with other CHT products. Please contact us.


BeSoFRESH – just one of our smart effects with character.