BeSo®SOFT – whatever you feel like

Whether you prefer your textiles cool, voluminous, soft, slippery or bulky,

BeSoSOFT offers tailor-made solutions for every demand. BeSoSOFT is the unique, universal, modular tool kit to give your textiles the optimal hand feel.

BeSoSOFT gives standard fabrics a premium feel, high quality fabrics will perform to the top.


BeSoSOFT is a sustainable, durable and effective finish, which makes it one of CHT’s best solutions.



Optimal adjustment for individual demand

  • Universally suitable for any fabric and textile material
  • Precisely adjusted composition for individual softness control
  • Measured simply by touch
  • New product based on recycled and renewable raw materials available to support your roadmap to circularity
  • The various BeSoSOFT products cover the fibre surface. Whether micro or macro emulsions, by precisely adjusting the composition, softness can be controlled individually


The effect can be achieved with these product ranges:



Selected BeSoSOFT | BeSoSOFT eco products

BeSoSOFT can also be realised with other CHT products. Please contact us.


New! BeSoSOFT eco

Feasible with C2C by CHT products for the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard on finished textiles, as well as with products based on recycled or bio-based materials.

We are happy to trustfully advise you.


BeSoSOFT – just one of our smart effects with character.