Customized coating solutions for complex requirements

Our highly developed and customized coatings serve as functionalizers or protective barriers for textiles and nonwovens, and are often the final step in the textile finishing chain after pretreatment and dyeing.

CHT Group surface coatings optimize performance and functionality, especially for technical textiles that need to meet industry standards in various applications. In addition, the functionality of our coatings often has to fulfill a variety of requirements at the same time, which is a complex challenge. This is also because textiles and nonwovens are often exposed to a wide range of impacts and external influences.


Excellent support for perfect results

The highly specialized coating team at CHT has many years of experience as well as ultra-modern laboratories and application technology.

We support you in finding the optimum product, the best application techniques and the right process parameters for your requirements. From individual product solutions and technical service to on-site support during production trials - we offer comprehensive support for optimum results.

We are your partner at eye level and work with you to develop tailor-made and modern coating solutions with a clear focus on your individual processes.


Get to know us

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Coatings of the latest generation

When developing new products, we consistently focus on sustainable criteria in addition to quality, performance and cost-effectiveness.

We take responsibility for the future and therefore offer a maximally sustainable product range, suitable for almost all coating systems and methods.

  • "Green" halogen-free flame retardants
  • Recyclable coating solutions
  • Bio-based products and components
  • Coatings for indirect food contact
  • Fluorine-free systems
  • Solvent-free systems


Strong solutions for diverse fields of application

Our wide range of products includes high-quality coating solutions for technical textiles in a variety of application areas.

  • Occupational safety (medicine, industry, rescue services...)
  • Automotive and transportation (carpets, seat covers, interior linings, filters...)
  • Architectural and building textiles (sun and light protection, facade cladding...)
  • Flame retardant finishes and coatings of all kinds
  • Solvent-free artificial leather coatings
  • Sports and outdoor equipment (tents, rucksacks, shoes, ski skins, climbing ropes...)

… and many other special coatings.



Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsAPYROL | Flammhemmende Beschichtungen und AusrüstungenAPYROL | Flame-retardant coatings and finishesePaper06.07.2023
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsBeschichtungskompetenzCoating CompetenceePaper21.06.2022
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsTUBCOSIL | Leistungsstarke SilikonbeschichtungenTUBCOSIL | High-performance silicone coatingsePaper20.06.2022
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsECOPERL & TUBIGUARD | Hilfsmittel für FunktionstextilienECOPERL & TUBIGUARD | Auxiliaries for Functional TextilesePaper22.10.2021
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsTechnische TextilienTechnical TextilesTechnical information13.06.2022
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsArbeitsschutztextilienProtective workwearTechnical information10.06.2022

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Product kinds

  • Adhesives
  • Binders
  • Defoamers and deaerators
  • Fashion coatings
  • Fixing agents
  • Flame retardants
  • Foaming auxiliaries
  • Functional coatings
  • Lamination
  • Primer
  • Silicone printing and coating
  • Special products
  • Thickeners
  • Water repellency / oil repellency

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