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Release agents

Silicones and wax emulsions from CHT are effectively used as release agents for manufacturing processes in many industries, from general applications like the food processing sector to industrial manufacturing of metal parts, polyurethanes, tires, and shoe soles.

Silicones can be used to release thermoformed materials very effectively because, firstly, silicones have extreme temperature resistance and, secondly, they can form a long-lasting, tack-free barrier between the mold surface and the production part. Typical applications for CHT silicones as release agents are the rubber and tire industry, shoe sole manufacturing, polyurethane foam and casting applications, as well the die casting industry.


A wide range of different wax additives is available for the formulation of aqueous release agents. These types are optimized with regard to the specific release requirements in each application. Depending on the area, low-melting paraffin waxes through to high-melting HDPE or amide waxes are used.

For the production of aqueous release lubricants for deep drawing and pressing of aluminum-magnesium alloys, stainless steel, aluminum as well as carbon containing steel, various wax emulsions based on medium to high melting waxes are offered.


Chemical range

  • Aminosiloxanes
  • Amidosiloxanes
  • Polydimethylsiloxanes (PDMS)
  • Polyethersiloxanes
  • Silicone quats
  • Silicone waxes
  • Wetting & dispersing additives
  • Wax emulsions (amide, carnauba, HDPE, LDPE, PP, paraffin)


Main sectors and markets

  • General release
  • Metal die casting
  • PUR casting (rigid & integral foam)
  • Shoe sole release
  • Tire release
  • Release lubricants


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Release SolutionsAdditive für Trennmittel und SchmierstoffeAdditives for Release Agents and LubricantsePaper24.01.2024

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Product kinds

  • Release agents
  • Wetting, leveling, rheological and dispersing additives

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