During pulp boiling CHT antiscalants efficiently prevent scales in boilers, heat exchangers or pumps contributing thus enormously to an increased productivity and safer production.

Dragged in air is successfully eliminated by the efficient CHT and QUIMIPEL defoamers, which optimally supports the washing process.

Sequestrants are mainly used in wood and pulp bleaching processes where they successfully contribute to the elimination of heavy metal ions such as manganese, iron or copper without additional phosphate load.

We fulfil your needs and quality requirements with our environmentally friendly product innovations and years of experience in the following core ranges:

  • Enzymes (CHT-ENZ / QUIMIZIME) for saving refining energy and increasing the strength
  • Sticky control additives (CHT-FIX / IMEX) for decomposing and inhibiting sticky deposits
  • Defoamers (TUXOL / QUIMIFOAM) for inhibiting foam
  • Antiscalants (TUXON) for preventing inorganic scales
  • Sequestrants (TUXON) for stabilising bleaching processes and increasing the whiteness degree
  • Biocides (CHT-ZID / QUIMICID) for inhibiting annoying microorganisms



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