Tissue papers

Tissue papers are used as facial cloths, kitchen towels, napkins, handkerchiefs and toilet papers because of their excellent absorbency, tear strength and softness.

We offer high quality product innovations for the tissue production to meet the users‘ versatile needs of tissue papers and the corresponding production processes.

Our sustainable and environmentally friendly process chemicals guarantee that your tissue product fulfils highest demands on safety, tear strength, softness and smoothness.

Benefit from our wide product range for intelligent process solutions:

  • Enzymes (CHT-ENZ/QUMIZIME) for saving refining energy and increasing the strength
  • Retention agents (CHT-RET / RETEX) for an optimal drainage
  • Fixing agents (CHT-FIX) for eliminating annoying substances
  • Wet strength resins (QUIMEX) for stabilising wet paper
  • Yankee coatings (QUIMIBASE /QUIMILEASE) for an optimal creping
  • Defoamers (CHT-AF / QUIMIFOAM) for inhibiting foam
  • Softeners (QUMISOFT) for a soft and gentle skin sensation
  • Cleaning and conditioning agents (CHT-CLEAN / QUIMICLEAN) for preventing soil particles from depositing
  • Biocides (CHT-ZID / QUIMICID) for inhibiting annoying microorganisms
  • Flocculants (CHT-FLOC / REFLOC) for recycling process water and wastewater



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