Thermal papers

Thermal papers stand out for their functional coat which is capable of reacting. Our specifically developed coating chemicals are used for optimising the heat-sensitive coat.

We support you with high quality special coatings and additives which have a high recording sensitivity and simultaneously ensure the durability and heat insensitivity of the unprinted part.

The functionality and permanently high quality of our products are of course always top priority.

We are a reliable partner for special coatings of thermal papers in the following fields:

  • Enzymes (CHT-ENZ / QUIMIZIME) for saving refining energy and increasing the strength
  • Wet strength resins (QUIMEX) for stabilising wet paper
  • Sensitizers (SENSICOAT) for optimising the heat conductive coat
  • Defoamers (CHT-AF / QUIMIFOAM) for inhibiting foam



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