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Effective use of plant protection products

If plant protection products are applied, it is important that they produce an optimum effect to secure maximum protection. Substrate wetting agents of the CHT Group can highly contribute to this. They excellently decrease the interfacial tension between a solid substrate and a liquid. This enables you to excellently distribute your plant protection products or fertilisers on the desired substrate.

The modified silicones in use (silicone polyethers) are water-soluble up to water-dispersible and have a distinct surface activity. Through the targeted adjustment of the ratio between hydrophilic and hydrophobic structural units we are able to provide you with specifically efficient wetting agents for a great number of systems.


Foam prevention

Foam can clearly reduce the efficiency of aqueous agricultural formulations. Defoamer compounds, emulsions or fluids on silicone base can be used for foam inhibiting. Highly efficient defoamers which show the desired performance even under adverse conditions such as low pH values or high electrolyte contents can be produced through the special modification of the silicones.

Application fields of our Agricultural Solutions:

  • Plant protection / Fertilisation
  • Optimised irrigation
  • Cleaning and maintenance of irrigation systems



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  • Wetting, leveling, rheological and dispersing additives

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